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All data on our site is currently accessable without need for an account.  We will soon requaire an account to access some data. Creating an account does help us know you value our service, thank you!  We currently do not send marketing emails but do intend to in the future, generally limited to once per week.

Please see our Terms of Service.

We use registry supplied zone files and build our date from those.  This is an imperfect process as there are infrequent issues downloading these files.  Sometimes files fail to download or download at a different time of day that desired.  This means some days are missing or some transactions get included in the adjacent day.  We try to download once per day at the same time every day.  Our database is truely massive and has few missing datapoints, but there are some.  Take this into account when using our data.  Our goal is to provide daily updates.

If you feel you have found an error in our data, please let us know using our Message Form. Thank you!

Currently we only support those TLDs that we can obtain zone files for, this includes gTLDs, nTLDs, but few ccTLDs.  Simply enter a TLD in the search box.  We are always interested in adding TLDs, simply help us gain access to their zone files.

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